Show Results: Aifric

      Groningen (25-11-2018) champion class: Best of Breed, 3th in ring of honour
      judge: Dhr M. Koot

      Bleiswijk (05-11-2017) open class: 2e Excellent
      judge: Dhr D. Cavill

      Bleiswijk (04-11-2017) open class: 2e Excellent
      judge: Mevr K.G. Hansen

      Zwolle (08-10-2017) open class: 1e Excellent
      judge: Mevr P.C. Zwaartman-Pinster

      Zwolle (07-10-2017) open class: 1e Excellent R-CAC, R-CACIB & Dutch Champion
      judge: Dhr E.C.A.M. Manders

      Eindhoven (04-02-2017) intermediar class: 2e Excellent R-CACIB
      judge: Dhr G.N. Pederson

      Gorinchem (17-12-2016) junior class: 1e Excellent BOB, CAC & Dutch Junior Champion
      judge: Mevr R. Blessing

      Amsterdam (09-12-2016) junior class: 2e Very Good
      judge: Dhr G. Nymann

      Bleiswijk (05-11-2016) junior class: 3e Excellent
      judge: Dhr A. Göransson

      Zwolle (02-10-2016) junior class: 1e Excellent R-CAC
      judge: Dhr J. Meijerink

      Zwolle (01-10-2016) junior class: 1e Excellent R-CAC
      judge: Mevr P. Aaltonen

      Zutphen (18-09-2016) junior class: 3e Very Good
      judge: Mevr E. Weijenborg

      Kerkwijk (11-09-2016) junior class: 2e Excellent
      judge: Dhr L. Mende

      Eindhoven (22-01-2016) puppy class: 1e Very Promising Beste Pup
      judge: Mevr F. Lochs-Romans

      Wijchen (18-12-2015) youngest puppy class: 1e Very Promising
      judge: Dhr R. Doedijns

      Bleiswijk (08-11-2015) youngest puppy class: Promising
      judge: Dhr T. Lindstrom