Breedingplans autumn 2022

      Power over me of Black Orlov ~ aka Poncho and Running Rascals Bonfire Bela ~aka Bella

      Breedingplans summer 2018

      Kolyma's Siberians Oreon ~ aka Mexx and Aifric ~ aka Evy

      Running Rascals Siberians breeds litter in accordance with regulations of
      the Raad van Beheer and Siberian Husky Klub Nederland (S.H.K.N.).
      The puppies grow up in my house together with their mum.
      If you are interested in Siberian Husky
      you are always welcome for information and meet my lovely dogs.
      The puppies are at least 9 weeks before they go to their new owner.
      They are then well socialized, chipped, 2 x vaccinated, dewormed several times,
      have a Dutch pedigree and DNA profile.
      Export abroad is possible.
      The date of moving depends on the rules of the country where the puppy is going.
      This is related to the Rabies vaccination.